Smallest Waste Incinerator for PPE waste face mask glove waste

Smallest Waste Incinerator for PPE waste face mask glove waste

Ave 400kgs for shipping, 1 chamber, 1 burner ,1 air fan, 1 control box, 1.5Meter chimney

ave 10kgs per hour, 100kgs per day(10hr/day working)

Equipment Technical Specifications
Model YD-10

Feed Capacity Average 20 kgs per feeding
Burning Rate Average 10 kgs per hour
Burning Time per Feed 2 hours
Voltage 220V
Power 0.5Kw
Fuel Diesel oil
Burner Italy Burner
Feed Mode Manual
Fuel consumption (Oil) Ave. 4.2 Kgs/Hour
External Dimensions Dia.100 x 130cm (mainbody)
Internal Dimensions Dia.50 x 80cm
Waste combustion chamber 200Liters
Oil Tank Capacity 100 Liters
Door Opening 35 x 35cm
Chimney 1.5M
Gross Weight Ave.400kgs
Chamber Material Refractory Concrete&Ceramic Fiber
Max. Heat Value 42,000Kcal/Hr.
Operation Technical Specifications
Chamber temperature 8000C -10000C
Chamber Anti-Rate 14000C
Burning efficiency >98%
Waste Lower Calorific Power 3000Kcal

HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, Medical Waste Incinerator

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Mobile: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)

Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.


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