Medical Surgical Face Mask Machine for Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

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Face Mask Machine for Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

Technical Parameter:

Ø Function: To Produce non woven face mask blank body automatically, including Inerting nose wire, forming, Sealing and cutting finished mask blank.

Ø Power supply: 380V/50Hz or 220V mono phase 3.3KW

Ø Mask Size: 175mm*80-100mm (two or three layers)

Ø Nonwoven (GMS): 10-50g

Ø Capacity: 120 to 150pcs/Min

Ø Dimension(L*W*H):3800mm*500mm*1400mm

Ø Net Weight: about 1000kg

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Technical Parameter:

Ø Capacity: 5 to 10 pcs/Min(Depending on Raw material condition)

Ø Power supply: 8.5KW (220V/50Hz Monophase)

Ø Compressed Air connection: 0.5 to 0.7Mpa

Ø Overall Dimension:900mm*650mm*1380mm

Breathing mask (making) machine
Mask (making) machine
Respirator (making) machine
Face mask (making) machine
Facial mask (making) machine

N95 Breathing mask (making) machine
N95 Mask (making) machine
N95 Respirator (making) machine
N95 Face mask (making) machine
N95 Facial mask (making) machine

KN95 Breathing mask (making) machine
KN95 Mask (making) machine
KN95 Respirator (making) machine
KN95 Face mask (making) machine
KN95 Facial mask (making) machine

FFP2 Breathing mask (making) machine
FFP2 Mask (making) machine
FFP2 Respirator (making) machine
FFP2 Face mask (making) machine
FFP2 Facial mask (making) machine

HICLOVER – Medical Environmental

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